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Which is your choice of Gold or Silver?

Why Gold? Gold is a material that needs to be recycled meticulously. Over a thousand years, gold has become one of the valuable chemicals in the recycling process by melting into coins or personal luxury products. Thus, it became a universal symbol of wealth.

The gold rings used by Caesar, Nefertiti, Suleiman the Magnificent, Cleopatra, and thousands of artists, kings, religious leaders who lived in history have become a part of this cycle over the years. Like a fingerprint from all humankind. It's just one of the reasons that make this gold special.

Silver is a very suitable accessory material for daily use. It is like people; you see that it's different, and you can observe it ages over time. It can be an ageless classy gift or a stylish accessory. What kind of silver design would you like? Silver is a fantastic material on several counts.


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