Mythology necklaces series includes mythological characters of different nations. The most popular mythological themes, including Greek and Roman, are embroidered on these necklaces, which are all handmade. The necklaces, which are also included in the scope of the Gothic necklace, attract great attention from men. Most of the necklaces that do not belong to a certain gender can be defined as unisex.

All of the accessories in the mythology necklaces series are produced by jewelry designers who are experts in their field. The necklaces offered for sale within the scope of the online store also appeal to many age groups.

Mythology Necklaces BySilverStone

The mythology necklaces series is among the most popular products of the online store. The most popular mythological themes of different nations are used in the series. All of the specially produced necklaces are silver plated. The necklaces in the handmade silver necklace category are the most popular products of the store.

It should also be said that necklaces with mythological characters that have been accepted throughout history are elegant designs. Although it is thought to appeal to men, it can be said that all of the designs are for women.

The mythology necklaces series is a very comprehensive series that can be examined in more than one category. In addition to mythological characters, Star Wars-themed necklaces are also included in the series. This is an important detail that helps necklaces spread to a wider audience.

Types of Mythology Necklaces

Mythology necklaces include mythological heroes of different nations. In addition to this, some popular culture heroes are also included in this series. Let's take a closer look at the mythological designs that are loved by everyone:

1-     Greek Mythology Necklaces

When it comes to mythology, Greek mythology comes to mind first. This mythology, which has attracted attention in every nation throughout history, is also the ancestor of other mythological characters. Many cultures have created their mythological heroes inspired by Greek mythology. Greek mythology is a popular genre that has occasionally been the subject of novels and movies. Greek mythology heroes are also featured in the necklace series.

The motifs of the prominent gods in Greek mythology, which has a comprehensive story, are discussed. It is possible to see figures such as Poseidon, Zeus, Medusa, and Athena in the necklaces. At the same time, historical figures of Spartan and Athenian civilizations are also included in this category. Those who are interested in both mythology and Greek history will love this necklace series.

2-     Ancient Roman Mythology Necklaces

Within the scope of the mythology necklaces series, there are also Roman mythology figures, which are very similar to Greek mythology. Roman mythology was created during the Roman Empire to reflect the beliefs of that era. As in every polytheistic religion, there are many gods and goddesses in Roman mythology. Popular figures, which had an important place in the Roman Empire, were included in the necklaces designed with inspiration from mythology.

There are silver-plated necklaces in this category, which deal with figures such as Janus. All necklaces in the series are special designs of jewelry designers who are experts in their field.

3-     Egyptian Mythology Necklaces

Another category in the mythology necklaces series is Egyptian mythology. Egypt also had deep-rooted mythology in ancient times. Especially gods and goddesses such as Isis, Horus, Osiris, and Seth have an important place in Egyptian culture. There are also special motifs of these gods and goddesses on the necklaces. In addition, cat figures have an important place in this culture, where cats are also considered gods. It is also possible to come across cat figures in necklaces in the mythology category.

4-     Chinese and Japanese Mythology Necklaces

There are also important examples of Far Eastern mythologies in the mythology necklaces series. It is possible to encounter animal figures prominent in both Chinese and Japanese mythology in necklaces. In addition, dragon figures, which are important in both cultures, were also used in necklace designs.

Master accessory artists took part in the design of necklaces belonging to Far Eastern mythology. These silver plated necklaces are also among the most popular products of the series.

5-     Viking Mythology Necklaces

If ancient mythology necklaces are in question, examples from Viking civilization should be included in the series. It is possible to come across many animal figures, especially important in Viking culture, in necklaces. In the Viking category in the mythology necklaces series, figures such as ax, wolf, and bear stand out. If the mythology in question is necklaces, then it is recommended to take a look at the Viking category.

6-     Celtic Mythology Necklaces

Celtic-themed necklaces in the mythology necklaces series also attract attention frequently. These designs also contain important details about Celtic culture. All of these designs in the mythology necklaces series are handmade. Popular motifs such as Celtic Tree are used in necklaces produced by expert artists.

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