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Throughout the ages, the institution of marriage has taken a great number of different forms. Earlier on, the main purpose of marriage was to act as an alliance between families, thus was being mostly arranged. Today, in most cultures concept of marriage portrays the undisputed love between two people. Between the ways of the old and the new, there is only one constant. Which is the public representation of the eternal commitment between those two people by their wedding band.

When the time comes, choosing the perfect wedding band for you or your significant other can be one of the hardest things on the road to marriage. A wedding band symbolizes granting something already so special even more meaning.

Short History of the Ancient and Sacred Wedding Band Tradition

Using rings to state the sacred bond has existed nearly as long as the concept of marriage itself. According to archeological finds and Egyptologists, Ancient Egyptians were using woven hemp and reeds to make a wedding band. Did you know that we are still in fact following one of their ancient traditions today? That is the practice of wearing the wedding band on the ring finger of the left hand. At the time, there was a belief of a special vein from that finger that led straight to the heart, known as Vena Moris. Which means "vein of love" in Latin.

In Ancient Rome, people would wear a wedding band as a public symbol of their marriage contract. Until the popularisation of gem-encrusted bands during medieval times, rings were iron-made. Beginning around the 860s, rings became an essential part of the Christian wedding ceremony. Verbal vows along with an exchange of rings were considered enough to qualify a marriage as official.

Renaissance and the Victorian era were both thriving times for wedding band designs. Engraving short poems on bands were one of the most popular romantic tokens in 16th century Europe.

Until the 20th century, wearing a wedding band as a memento of love and devotion was one-sided, that is woman-oriented. Men started wearing them quite recently, as a result of World War 2, one can say. Both bride and groom commonly wore their bands as reminders of their promise and bond. On the battlefield, their wedding band would provide solace to men fighting.

Personalizing Your Wedding Band with Engravings

Engraving a ring is a simple act that is equally classy and personal. It can be an inside joke, a classic romantic sentiment, lyrics from your favorite song, or verses from the bible. No matter what you decide, know that it will make something already special, all the more meaningful.

Here are some tips on engraving your wedding band

Take your time: Allow your thoughts to settle, engraving a wedding is not something you would like to rush. Probably, the most important thing to remember is that engraving a ring is a one-time thing.

Reckon in your timeline: Engraving a few words on a wedding band can be seen as an easy job to the unknowing eyes. It could take a day or a month, depending entirely on the schedule of the jeweler. So, if you have a certain date in mind, try to plan ahead.

Try to keep it brief: Expressing the depth of your emotions with a few words might seem impossible at first. But fear not!  Whenever you feel stuck between your thoughts, remember the first clause. Give them time to settle.

Engraving can be done later: If the pressure of time is too high or you are not confident about what to engrave on your wedding band yet, don't stress yourself. There is no rule on when to engrave a wedding band. Perhaps, you find the right words in your vows to each other during the ceremony.

And some ideas to inspire what to engrave on your wedding band

Can't go wrong with a classic

Classic and traditionalist as in a simple yet elegant way. Such as the initials of your names, your nicknames for each other, the date of your first kiss, or the date you met. It could be short and romantic sentiments as in "forever yours" or "happily ever after".

Are you a jokester couple?

Why not engrave something that will make you both smile and laugh on your wedding band? It may be something like "Put me back on!", "No take-backs", or "Love you more than xxx"

What about other languages?

They say French is the language of love and romance but your message can come in any language. And sometimes romantic sentiments in other languages may bear more meaning. For example, "mia dolce metà" means "my better half" in Italian or

Two engravings can make up one sentiment

You can split a saying between your rings. This could be a great way to represent the fact that you and your partner are two halves becoming a whole. Having one wedding band engraved "To hold" and the other "To have" is probably the best example of this.

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Band?

Choosing a wedding band starts with deciding on its metal. They can be made from various metals, not just platinum or gold. After deciding on the metal of your wedding band, the next topic is the width and fit. For example, if you have large knuckles, look for 'comfort fit' rings, which are rounded on the inside. This enables the ring to slip over your knuckles.

Now, it's time to decide on the style of your wedding band. A band can be designed as the wearer desires. There are no specific rules for designing a wedding band, except for keeping an eye on longevity. Remember that, you will be wearing your wedding band on daily basis. That is to say, your wedding band should be as comfortable as it is momentous.

2022 Wedding Band Trends for Men

Let's face it, gold will never be out of fashion but silver is making a comeback this year. You can always go classic with a plain metal band, but you can make it more unique with custom designs, gemstones, or textures. Especially textures are in! A wedding band should be as unique as the relationship they celebrate.

What better way is there, other than textures, to glamorize a men's wedding band? Designs! Since they offer meaning within the meaning, Celtic knot-inspired wedding band designs are getting more popular every year.

What better way is there, other than textures, to glamorize a men's wedding band? Designs! Since they offer meaning within the meaning, Celtic knot-inspired wedding band designs are getting more popular every year. These knots are complete loops that have no start or finish. Thus, they represent eternity, whether this means loyalty, faith, or love. If you were to draw one yourself, you would have one starting point and eventually finish back where you started, which symbolizes how life and eternity are interconnected.