About us

We have been producing handmade men's jewelry designs as Bysilverstone for a long time and now you can explore our store to buy a specially designed piece for your loved ones. Jewelry is our family profession. In Istanbul Grand Bazaar, we have worked as production responsible and we have manufactured products to premier brands for years. I was tired of producing products according to others' likings and requests so despite the higher risk of winning less, I have decided to put my own designs into the global market.

Now we are ready after hard working over two years in R&D and market reserch. We have created the necessary infrastructure to provide you always the newest models, the fastest delivery system and smoothly products. We are ready for shipping the purchased product in only 1-2 days . Both in purchasing process and after purchasing , we guarantee that we will not compromise our services. Hereby we hope you make the people that you love happy by buying a Bysilverstone design because we have made effort to make you and your favorite people happy and we will continue.

Bade Design LLC

8 The Green, Suite #11954
Dover, DE 19901